Post of Conversion on 2017 Jul 9th at 07:23:46

Post of Conversion on 2017 Jul 9th at 07:23:46

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conversionframe says:

What Jamie does well is address the main points of the blog, and then redirects the rest of her post to contributing new content. She discusses an issue related to this topic, introduces an external source, and argues what one can do instead of donating money.

fruitypebbles says:

The salon’s manager responded by thanking Cassandra for the positive feedback. She also explained why Kréme de la Kréme was more expensive than the competition. Note the subtle, effective way her response turns the negative into a positive

travelexplorer says:

Always say “thank you” to customers who leave positive reviews. When you write back, though, don’t be lazy. Personalize your response and show genuine appreciation for customer feedback.

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